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About our Program

The Health Science postgraduate program from São Francisco University directs the education of the student to carry out Science in an interdisciplinarity nature. The graduate student will have a glimpse of a critical view of science and will be contextualized in training based on scientific evidence, focused mainly on laboratory findings and their importance to the field of health and patient care.

The Program aims to provide continuing education for teachers and researchers with a high level of training in basic and applied medicine. The course has a range of disciplines in both virtual and presential learning environments to contemplate the scenario of interdisciplinarity. Our objective is to train professionals capable of answering scientific questions of social relevance with quality and confidence.

The mission of the Health Science Postgraduate Program led to the creation of a multidisciplinary course themed in specific areas of knowledge, employing complementary lines of active and productive research. The target audience is medical doctors, physiotherapists, biologists, biomedical doctors, nurses, pharmacists, chemists, psychologists, nutritionists, physical educators, dentists, and statisticians. The master’s (M.Sc.) degree course has a duration of 12 to 24 months while the doctorate (Ph.D.) has a duration of 24 to 60 months.

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