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The overall objective of the Graduate Program in Psychology Sensu Stricto (PPGSS Psychology) at USF is the training of qualified human resources for knowledge production and teaching in higher education. Thus, the intentions are:

(1) To train researchers at the master’s or doctoral level, for work in public or private services or institutions, in addition to pursuing activities in research, consultancies, and advisories which relate to psychological evaluation.

(2) To provide experiences which contribute to the formation of higher education teachers with expertise in the areas of assessment and measurement.

(3) Promote theoretical discussions involving the construction, improvement and use of instruments and psychological assessment procedures in specific contexts.

(4) Provide advisory and consulting opportunities aimed at integrating the university into the community/society, contributing to the development of excellent psychological evaluation services.

(5) To build, adapt, validate and standardize assessment instruments for technical use by psychology professionals in the context of Brazilian society.

(6) Establishing exchanges with educational institutions and national and international research institutions, seeking partnerships and the consequent diffusion of knowledge produced.